Saturday, March 11, 2017

L. Erickson Ponytail Holders

Using L. Erickson ponytail holders are literally one of the best things I've gifted my hair. They have significantly reduced hair tie related breakage, and basically eliminated breakage around my crown. I have fine and thin hair, which makes me susceptible to breakage, but I do not see strands of hair left on the hair tie when I take these off. I 10/10 recommend these hair ties as they have helped me retain length.

The hair tie stretches and accommodates thick and dense hair. For thin haired people, they are stretchy, and will hold your hair snug without tugging or snagging. They are secure and hold hair in place.

These ponytail holders are around $10 for eight ties. I bought mine from Amazon after reading several positive reviews. Although they may be slightly more expensive than other hair ties, they are durable, and made of non-damaging elastic which can save hair from unnecessary breakage. Give them a try!