Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NYC liquid lip shine review

As an Influenster panel member I received a free complementary holiday VoxBox to try. Inside my holiday VoxBox was a free sample of the NYC New York Color liquid lip shine. And what I especially love about this liquid lip shine is that it is extremely moisturizing and it also has a long wearing shine that can be worn over your favorite lip color or it can also be worn alone. I wear my NYC liquid lip shine a loan when I am dressed casually. In addition I have also applied my NYC liquid lip shine over a colored lipstick to give it extra luster.

imPRESS press-on manicure review

As an Influenster panel member I received a free complementary holiday VoxBox to try. Inside my holiday VoxBox was a free sample of the imPRESS press-on manicure and I love the convenience and ease of putting them on. The set came in a cute nail polish bottle shape. There are 24 nail covers, and 12 different nail sizes. I was able to match up each fake nail with my nail size with no problems. My hands are thin, so it is hard to find at home manicures that will fit onto my nails. The directions are straight forward and easy to follow. You just take the plastic backing off of each nail and apply it to your own nail.  And what I love most is that there was no drying time, and the glue has a strong adhesive bond that is long wearing. These nails are great for special occasions, or casual days when wearing your favorite pair of jeans. Applying them only took 5 minutes and it looks like I had a professional manicure that cost more money that I am willing to pay. These nails are definitely keepers and I plan to continue buying. For more info on the imPRESS press-on manicure visit www.impressmanicure.com.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rapid Lash

Rapid Lash

Rapid Lash works well for growing thin sparse lashes. In the past I would wear false eyelashes daily which took a toll on my lashes. Before I started to use Rapid Lash my lashes were so thin that they had bald spots. They were very brittle and extremely short also. I began to see visible results after two weeks of daily use. My lashes were healthy looking and less dry and brittle. After the first month there was noticeable length and thickness in my lashes. I continued the use of Rapid lash for another month and by that time my lashes were completely rejuvenated and even fuller and longer than they have ever been. I gained confidence in my appearance and I no longer was embarrassed about my own lashes. I had the confidence to wear my lashes without mascara. It has been about 9 months now since I stopped using Rapid lash and my lashes are still long, healthy and thick. I am so excited that I no longer need to wear false eyelashes. However, the only negative side effect of this product is the fact that it makes your eyelids darker and also gave me the dark circles under my eyes because I would also apply it on my lower. This issue fades after about a few weeks of stopping. So overall this experience with the darkening of my eyelids and under eye was not a problem because I was able to conceal the dark shades until my lashes regain a healthy appearance. So if you don't have a problem using a eye concealer to hide the dark circles then I recommend the new Lash eyelash growth to help you gain longer and fuller lashes.

Favorable views:

Longer, fuller and thicker lashes.

Not so favorable views:

Dark eyelids, dark circles under the eye.

NYX eye shadow primer base

NYX eye shadow primer base

I am extremely pleased with the NYX primer base. NYX primer base makes the eye shadow stay on for a longer periods of time without creasing. The primer base allows the eyeshadow to truly intensify the color and enhanced the color of the eyeshadows. The primer is great for people with oily eyelids because it controls the oil to keep eyeshadow color in place. This base allows you to blend and fade the eyeshadow’s colors easily without smearing them together. NYX primer base is a great alternative to the higher priced primer potion products because it is much cheaper at just about $3 vs. $18 and it does the same exact thing, if not better. A little will last you a long time. It is creamy and goes on smoothly to your eyelids without any extra tugging or pulling. NYX primer base comes in two colors, white and nude. Both works well to give you a natural skin tones as it will blend into your eyelid to even the tone and work as a primer to make the color of the eyeshadow more intensely vibrant. I definitely recommend using the NYX primer base over the more expensive higher price primer base products. NYX primer base is high end at an affordable price with exceptional results. Love it.

Favorable views:

Applies smooth and creamy, stays on longer, reasonable priced, evenly primes the eyelid to allow for a vibrant beautiful eyelid color.

Not so favorable views:


L'Oreal HIP Eyeshadow duo

L'Oreal HIP High Intensity Pigmented concentrated Eyeshadow duo

When I look for shadow I look for a color that will stay in place without flaking or smearing. I also wanted a shadow that would not streak and one there would not settle between the creases of my eyelid. I was so impressed with the vibrant fashionable colors of the L'Oreal HIP high intensity pigmented concentrated eye shadow duo. In addition, the L'Oreal HIP High Intensity Pigmented concentrated shadow duos are long wearing. I especially appreciate the rich powder texture of the eye shadows in the way they smooth onto your eyelid without settling in the crease. I love that they have two shades that or coordinated to give you a detailed stylish appearance. I appreciate that the L'Oreal HIP High Intensity Pigmented concentrated shadows duo comes in a variety of shades that are suitable for daytime wear and also eveningwear. Love this product and I definitely will recommend the L'Oreal HIP high intensity pigmented concentrated eye shadow.

Favorable views:

Variety of shades, intensifying the vibrant colors, powder texture, no smearing or flaking, long wearing.

Not so favorable views:

None so for.

L'Oreal HIP liquid lip color

L'Oreal HIP High Intensity Pigmented shine struck liquid lip color

I was looking for a lip color that would condition and moisturize while at the same time improve the condition of my dry chapped lips. I didn't want to apply a lip chap under my lipstick because it would make my lips feel heavily coated and it would also cost the color of my lip stick to bleed over into my foundation. I tried a number of brands that made my lips feel drier and they would become dry, flaky and at times they would peel. I decided to try the new L'Oreal HIP high intensity pigmented shine struck liquid lip color. I was extremely surprised at the performing effect of this liquid lip color. It was extremely conditioning and it doesn't leave your lips with a dry or cracked appearance when you take it off. It last all day and the color is vibrant, with a deep intensifying color. In addition, it leaves your lips healthier and in better condition. It doesn't bleed and it stays in place. I especially love the way it leave your lips feeling soft and moisturize. There are many beautiful shades available for all skin tones. Love this product and I definitely will recommend it.

Favorable views:

In intensifying color, moisturizing and conditioning, leaving lives feeling healthier than before.

Not so favorable views:

Color doesn't last all day.

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Paint Color for the New Year

Every year I always have a list of home improvement chores to do for my New Year's resolution. This year I plan to stop by Sears’s hardware department to pick up Easy Living interior and exterior paint. I am so inspired by beautiful colors of makeup that I always go to my makeup bag to pull out my favorite color that looks great on me. Then I trot over the local Sears hardware department to pick out my favorite color with my makeup bag in hand. You'd be surprised at how close of a match that you can get from using your favorite makeup and clothing color to use on your walls. And by using simple items such as your clothing and makeup, can help you to narrow down the right color that you are most comfortable with using long term. I also plan to pick up some handy painting tools such as paint rollers, paint brushes and also the must-have painting tape.

My most favorite part of planning my do it yourself painting projects is selecting the right color for the right room.

So what is your must do DIY home improvement resolution for 2011?

Monday, January 10, 2011

As a bzzagent I am so excited that Covergirl is celebrating 50th anniversary. As part of the celebration they will be giving away samples and prizes. So head on over to Covergirls Facebook page to join in the celebration.