Sunday, February 20, 2011

NYX eye shadow primer base

NYX eye shadow primer base

I am extremely pleased with the NYX primer base. NYX primer base makes the eye shadow stay on for a longer periods of time without creasing. The primer base allows the eyeshadow to truly intensify the color and enhanced the color of the eyeshadows. The primer is great for people with oily eyelids because it controls the oil to keep eyeshadow color in place. This base allows you to blend and fade the eyeshadow’s colors easily without smearing them together. NYX primer base is a great alternative to the higher priced primer potion products because it is much cheaper at just about $3 vs. $18 and it does the same exact thing, if not better. A little will last you a long time. It is creamy and goes on smoothly to your eyelids without any extra tugging or pulling. NYX primer base comes in two colors, white and nude. Both works well to give you a natural skin tones as it will blend into your eyelid to even the tone and work as a primer to make the color of the eyeshadow more intensely vibrant. I definitely recommend using the NYX primer base over the more expensive higher price primer base products. NYX primer base is high end at an affordable price with exceptional results. Love it.

Favorable views:

Applies smooth and creamy, stays on longer, reasonable priced, evenly primes the eyelid to allow for a vibrant beautiful eyelid color.

Not so favorable views:


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