Sunday, February 20, 2011

L'Oreal HIP liquid lip color

L'Oreal HIP High Intensity Pigmented shine struck liquid lip color

I was looking for a lip color that would condition and moisturize while at the same time improve the condition of my dry chapped lips. I didn't want to apply a lip chap under my lipstick because it would make my lips feel heavily coated and it would also cost the color of my lip stick to bleed over into my foundation. I tried a number of brands that made my lips feel drier and they would become dry, flaky and at times they would peel. I decided to try the new L'Oreal HIP high intensity pigmented shine struck liquid lip color. I was extremely surprised at the performing effect of this liquid lip color. It was extremely conditioning and it doesn't leave your lips with a dry or cracked appearance when you take it off. It last all day and the color is vibrant, with a deep intensifying color. In addition, it leaves your lips healthier and in better condition. It doesn't bleed and it stays in place. I especially love the way it leave your lips feeling soft and moisturize. There are many beautiful shades available for all skin tones. Love this product and I definitely will recommend it.

Favorable views:

In intensifying color, moisturizing and conditioning, leaving lives feeling healthier than before.

Not so favorable views:

Color doesn't last all day.

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